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DUI & OWI Defense

Driving Under the Influence & Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Defense

If you’ve been arrested for an alcohol-related offense in Indiana, you need an Anderson DUI lawyer that will fight for your rights through every stage of your case. Having a zealous attorney on your side can significantly reduce your penalties and costs.

Being charged with drunk driving can completely turn your life upside down. If convicted, you can lose your license, be forced to pay significant fines, have to pay higher insurance premiums, or even face jail time. A DUI or OWI arrest often presents a laundry list of legal complications. Fortunately, Aaron defends individuals charged with all types of alcohol-related offenses and will fight tirelessly to ensure that you have the best representation possible. Always remember that, even if you’ve been arrested, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

What can Result in DUI Charges?

Like most states, Indiana DUI charges are based primarily on your blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

You may face DUI charges if you are caught:

  • Driving with a BAC in excess of 0.08%
  • Driving a commercial vehicle with a BAC in excess of 0.04%
  • Driving, under the age of 21, with a BAC in excess of 0.02%
  • Refusing a BAC test
The State of Indiana has some of the Harshest Penalties for Driving Drunk in the Country

First-Time Offenders: Even for first-time offenders, the consequences of driving drunk in Indiana are potentially life-changing. Under Indiana law, first-time offenders can face up to 2 years of probation, be forced to pay fines over $5,000, and can even face jail sentences of 60 days to 1 year.

Repeat Offenders: For repeat offenders the penalties can be even harsher. Under Indiana law, second or third-time offenders can face up 2.5 years in jail or on probation, be forced to pay fines in excess of $10,000, and may even face a Class D felony charge.

Offenders Under the Age of 21: Individuals under the age of 21 caught driving with a BAC between 0.02% and 0.08% can receive a Class C infraction or face fines in excess of $500.

Preparing a Defense

Having a proactive attorney on your side may drastically improve your chances of successfully defending against a DUI/OWI arrest. Aaron will fight tirelessly to ensure that the circumstances surrounding your case are presented fairly and that law enforcement officers followed the proper procedures.

DUI & OWI charges can be successfully defended on numerous grounds. Potential defenses include:

  • Lack of probable cause for arrest
  • Failure to give proper Miranda warnings
  • Breathalyzer test malfunctions or miscalculations
  • Incorrect administration of field sobriety tests (FSTs)
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While the maximum penalties for drunk driving in Indiana are harsh, the good news is that Anderson DUI Attorney Aaron has your back. Aaron will fight to ensure that these penalties are argued down or even dismissed altogether.

When your freedom is on the line, time may not be on your side. You need an attorney that understands the complexities of drunk driving charges in Indiana. You need an attorney that will tirelessly fight to protect your rights at every stage of your case. Aaron defends citizens from all throughout central Indiana. Call or text Aaron today, and he will return your call within minutes.

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