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Are you in the middle of a divorce? Are you fighting for custody of your child? Are you struggling because you are not receiving the child support you are entitled too? HELP IS HERE… Call me, Attorney, K. Aaron Heifner for all your family law needs.

Legal family issues are personal, complex, and sometimes difficult to discuss. Therefore, you should hire a compassionate, proficient, and aggressive attorney who you can trust throughout this process. After all, you will be talking to your family law attorney about your immediate family, your spouse, and your kids. You need to be 100% comfortable. I am confident you will be comfortable with me. When you chose Heifner Law Inc. you are choosing attorney K. Aaron Heifner. I personally will work with you on your case. The Indiana family court system can be challenging, but I will help you navigate the court system from the beginning of your case until we reach your desired resolution.

I understand how sensitive family law issues can be. When you hire me, you will not be discussing your case with ten different assistants or paralegals, only me, your personal Anderson family law attorney. I understand that when it comes to the practice of law, trust is the key and compassion is the way. I live by this philosophy.

The Heifner Difference

I understand that you are already going through a really tough time in your personal life and I am here to help relieve some of your stress. When you hire me, you will experience the difference yourself.

  • Skilled When you work with Heifner Law Inc., you are working with an Anderson family law attorney, who only practices law in central Indiana. Every day I am working in my office or in a central Indiana courtroom for hard working Hoosiers. I understand Indiana family law and how the Indiana family court system works.
  • Compassionate I understand how sensitive some family law issues can be. As an attorney and a member of a blended family I have learned that the less acrimonious a family law case can be, the better it is for every member of the family involved. I will work hard to reach a quality settlement for you. I make sure that every family law client has my personal cellphone number, where I can be reached anytime between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, all seven days of the week. If I am in court or another appointment, you can send a text for a call back in minutes.
  • Aggressive I am here to fight for you. I will research your case, and relentlessly work with you to reach a plan of attack that will lead to the resolution that you want. If your case becomes contentious, I will work tirelessly to advocate and aggressively present a case that will be well-researched, well-planned, organized, and simple for the judge to decide in your favor.
Our Services
  • Divorce The stress of a divorce can overwhelm even the strongest of us. Add to it the weight of legal proceedings, and it can become overwhelming. I am here to take over the bulk of your load. Make no mistake a divorce is likely to have a lasting impact on your life. With me, Attorney K. Aaron Heifner, representing your interests, you can be sure that you have a competent and capable attorney protecting your future.

    In Indiana, a divorce does not require “fault.” If one party wants a divorce, they only need to claim in their petition that the marriage is irretrievably broken, then after 60 days the court can grant an order for the divorce. I will protect your rights throughout the divorce proceedings and do everything I can to make sure that you get what is lawfully yours once the divorce is final.

  • Child Custody If you have a minor child(ren), then it is absolutely crucial for you to be a part of their special moments. As a very involved parent myself, I understand how important spending quality time with your children is. Establishing significant parenting time which works with your work schedule is important. Choosing the right attorney to fight for your parenting time is necessary to protect your future as an involved parent. Be wise about it. Choose K. Aaron Heifner.
  • Child custody is decided in the State of Indiana by looking at the “Best Interests of the Child(ren).” To determine the “Best Interest of the child” an Indiana court will look the following factors when considering child custody. There is no presumption favoring either parent. The court will consider the following factors:

    1. The age and sex of the child.
    2. The wishes of the child’s parent or parents.
    3. The wishes of the child, with more consideration given to a child fourteen or older.
    4. The mental and physical health of all individuals involved.
    5. History of any abuse or neglect with all individuals involved.
    6. The amount of involvement the child(ren) has in the community and schools.
    7. The relationship(s) of the child(ren) with parents, siblings, and any other significant person in the child’s life.
    8. The distance the child(ren) will have to travel to visit other family or guardians.
    Enforcing an Indiana Child Custody Court Order

    If you already have a child custody order enforce by an Indiana court and the other parent is not honoring the court-ordered custody or visitation, then you need a strong attorney like K. Aaron Heifner. I will file a motion outlining the contempt by the other parent in the appropriate court to request a hearing as soon as possible. Once the court is aware the other parent is in violation of the court order the court will hold that parent in contempt of court and enforce the court order. Call me NOW to make sure your parenting rights are protected and enforced.

  • Child Support In the state of Indiana, parents must provide for and support their biological children. If you are not receiving child support or you need a modification in an existing support order, call K. Aaron Heifner at Heifner Law Inc. now for help.

    The date of filing for child support is important as it has a direct bearing on when the child support will begin to accumulate. Acting quickly and choosing the right attorney to begin fighting for your support is important. Call me, Anderson family law attorney, K. Aaron Heifner to make sure that your rights to the child support you deserve is petitioned for and you receive a child support order as soon as possible.

We are Here for You

I will fight for all of your family law needs. Whether you need legal representation for pre-marital agreements, divorce, child support, child custody, paternity, guardianship, or adoption matters, I can help you.

Call me for a free consultation. I want to answer your legal questions today. I can be contacted at 765-635-8072 or email kaaronheifnerlaw@gmail.com.

Client Reviews
I hired Sir Heifner to address landlord tenant dispute. I being the tenant. Going off the minimum info he had he beat them into submission. The guy is worthy of his noble pedigree and name. Hence Sir Heifner. Not to mention is suave picture above. Thanks Aaron you did well. Chris
K. Aaron Heifner did a fantastic job representing me. This was my first time needing legal representation, and Mr. Heifner was exceptional! He was very detailed and thorough during this process. Mr. Heifner always kept me abreast of my situation while making me feel as if I was his only client. His understanding of the law is outstanding! If you are looking for a lawyer who will work tirelessly for you, then K. Aaron Heifner is the right choice. Mr. Heifner will represent my family and me in any future legal matters. Anonymous
Aaron is very knowledgeable and puts the needs of his clients and potential clients first. He is willing to go the extra mile to make a difference. I felt Aaron really cared about my situation and just wasn't trying to collect a check. He will definitely be my lawyer moving forward! If you need a great lawyer give him a call! Anonymous