Picture of Attorney K. Aaron Heifner


I was referred to Heifner law firm by another attorney and living out of state had become a major problem. I was in a situation that seemed hopeless and continued getting the run around by state authorities which was preventing me from employment. After two months I was ready to give up when I received the unexpected referral. With just a couple phone calls, the action taken by Heifner Law was timely and he was able to get to the right people and get the ball rolling.. It always appeared as if the legal system moved like a turtle but I was surprised to find a capable attorney who knew how to get things done and did it in a reasonable fast time frame. I highly recommend Aaron Heifner if you are in need of legal action or good advice.

- Ron

He has a Unique Ability to Open Lines of Communication With Anyone

We have sought out advice and/or representation from Aaron Heifner on a number of occasions. He has helped various friends and family members with issues concerning multiple areas of the law. Everyone has always been extremely pleased with the work he performed, and more importantly, the level of care and concern that has always been shown is exceptional and rare. When matters came up outside Aaron's area of expertise, he was always honest and sought counsel from other attorneys he trusted so that he could give us the best advice about how to move forward with our case. ​Aaron is always available 24/7. It is rare when a call or text is not responded to immediately and my guess is that only happens on the occasions when he is busy helping another client. He has a unique ability to open lines of communication with anyone and uses these interpersonal skills to achieve phenomenal results. Though he is more than capable of putting up a fierce battle, ​Aaron​ always seems to resolve matters without the need for expensive and time consuming litigation. His most important quality may be ​his ability to listen. ​He​ always takes the time to let clients speak their mind, voice their concerns and ask whatever questions might come up.​ We​ would never hesitate to call ​Aaron​ about any situation, knowing that the advice received will be ​well thought out and always in the best interest of his client.

- Heidi

If You Need a Good Lawyer, Aaron's the Guy for You!

I've never had to hire a lawyer or attorney before. I'm a 33 year old single mom. I work full time. I had an unfortunate situation occur where I needed legal consult and Kyle referred me to Aaron. Aaron was very thorough and informative. He took my case and offered affordable pricing and we made a payment plan. He gave me great advice and worked hard for me. He was very understanding and compassionate. I felt confident in my decision to hire an attorney rather than get a public defender. My investment was well worth it. We are getting thru this thing that I'm going thru right now and I'm confident in the outcome. I will be recommending him to my friends, family, and anyone who I come in contact that may need a lawyer for any reason. I will most likely be working again with him in the future for my living will and child support & child custody. He is great! I see him going big places and hope for a bright and successful future for him.

- Erin

Exceptional Lawyer

K. Aaron Heifner did a fantastic job representing me. This was my first time needing legal representation, and Mr. Heifner was exceptional! He was very detailed and thorough during this process. Mr. Heifner always kept me abreast of my situation while making me feel as if I was his only client. His understanding of the law is outstanding! If you are looking for a lawyer who will work tirelessly for you, then K. Aaron Heifner is the right choice. Mr. Heifner will represent my family and me in any future legal matters.

- Anonymous

My Review of Sir Kenneth a Heifner Esquire

I hired Sir Heifner to address landlord tenant dispute. I being the tenant. Going off the minimum info he had he beat them into submission. The guy is worthy of his noble pedigree and name. Hence Sir Heifner. Not to mention is suave picture above. Thanks Aaron you did well.

- Chris

Great Lawyer

Aaron is very knowledgeable and puts the needs of his clients and potential clients first. He is willing to go the extra mile to make a difference. I felt Aaron really cared about my situation and just wasn't trying to collect a check. He will definitely be my lawyer moving forward! If you need a great lawyer give him a call!

- Anonymous